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Web development has a rich and fascinating history that spans several decades. The story of web development begins in the early 1990s with the invention of the World Wide Web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Developers would create static web pages using HTML and style them with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). In the late 1990s, JavaScript emerged as a scripting language that could be executed on the client side, enabling developers to create dynamic web pages.

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About Me

Sawkat Hossen | Web/Software developer

Hello there! I am full stack web developer with a bachelor's degree in computer science and more than 10 years of experience in web development.This is a happy news that I build a lot of amazing web applications & websites, progressive web apps and software providing after sale services. For this, I have used the latest technologies to deliver the best quality in the shortest time. I adhere to creating beautiful easy-to-use applications based on your requirements. I am constantly innovating and learning new technologies to be able to advise and help you grow quickly. I have experience with the following frameworks and technologies. JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, Express.js, Socket.io, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, MYSQL, Java, Also, I have experience with behavior driven development. .So we are committed to quality work with honesty by hard work than money and quantity.So to grow your business or work with modernism Feel free to contact me.

web developer bangladesh

Web Developer In Bangladesh

Nowadays, the Software industry is overgrowing in Bangladesh. Web development must need a program for the domestic market, such as e-commerce sites and corporate offices based on web solutions. Web Developer in Bangladesh works with various types of organizations such as government, private or freelance. In recent years, the corporate world is pushing web applications to many web developers and designers. Bangladesh is going to be the best destination for solving web solutions.

Who Are Web Developers?

Web Developers is the creator of a website. For developing a website, Web Developers handle both server-side and front-end sides. Web developers are the programmers who make engagement client-server models by using applications. With basic technical skills, web developers use content management systems.

What is Web Development?

Web development or website development means developing websites with non-design aspects like writing markup and coding. Web Developers are reliable for building a website. They can manage application, functionality, and security management. Three main types of web development are operating on this server:

  • Front-end web development
  • Back-end web development
  • Full-stack web development

What is Web design?

Web design defines the design of websites that are visible on the internet. It can encompass the different skills to maintain websites. User experience is crucial here rather than software development. Web designers need to work on the layout, appearance, and sometimes content of a website. They can combine images, sounds, video clips for attractive web pages.

Skills Needed For Web Developer:

Some basic skills are mandatory to take web development as a profession. Have a look below for knowing the skills:

Programming: Web developers have to understand ideas about solid coding skills. Good knowledge of programming languages like HTML and CSS needs to start. Software technology is changing so quickly. That’s why willingness to learn new coding systems is essential.

Inspection for detail: Sometimes, tasting and debugging code needs a web developer’s patience and analytical skills to find out what goes wrong and how to solve it.

Imaginative power: For making a successful website, a developer must know how to attract and hold the users. Search engine optimization helps the website be visible. So, web developers must organize all the creative power together to make a good site.

Type Of Work:

So many web developers work individually in Bangladesh; some work for organizations. They do not require a formal degree but know programming, coding, graphics design, and other related skills. Coding is a fundamental skill for a web developer. These professionals must have an idea about the primary programming language given below:

HTML5: It is a markup language for programming. HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML story. Web developers use this form for maintaining basic rules of web pages and formatting content like headings, paragraphs, links, lists, and other factors.

CSS: CSS defines Cascading Style Sheets. For the layout and appearance of elements across multiple pages of a site, web developers use CSS. It can influence the colors, spacing, features, and font faces, and sizes of pages.

PHP: PHP is called a server-side scripting language. It is related to a web content management system, web templates, frameworks, and HTML code. PHP is fundamental to back-end development. Web developers use PHP for server scripting, site response, and user actions.

ASP.NET: This one is a server-side web application by Microsoft. ASP.NET is an open-source application to the framework. With these tools, web developers can build a dynamic website. Among so many applications, web developers often rely on ASP.NET for maintaining the standards.

JavaScript: JavaScript is recommended as the most modern language for websites. Web developers apply JavaScript to give life to web pages because it controls behaviors like dynamic loading. With this language, you can increase the response of users’ clicks and create countless interactive possibilities.

Angular.js: Angular.js is another open-source application framework. It is an industry-standard application that Google and its community maintain. For adjusting the front-end of a website, web developers employ Angular.js for code's foundation in javascript.

WordPress and other Content Management Systems :

A CMS is powerful software that helps you to prepare documents for your website. With these systems, you will get a variety of themes and templates. From different navigation menus, a template depicts the absolute position and structure.

WordPress: WordPress is an easy system that was released in 2003. Here PHP is the leading technology with SQL databases. It is regarded as the best content management system in recent years. There are lots of add-on options that boost your performance in the e-commerce business. It is a very flexible and secure method that stores your content and images of websites. You will get the chance to use lots of different plugins, free or premium versions.

Shopify: Shopify is an easy to use and software as a service(SAAS) platform for e-commerce stores. With these themes, you can stunningly decorate your website. Shop-based massing systems heighten the experience of users. Because of multiple plugins in this platform, it makes various tasks simple. It is easy to set up with versatile flexibility. For optimizing software and hardware, Shopify has a reliable infrastructure.

Drupal: Drupal was first released in 2001that is also a popular CMS, among others. It placed in the third position for solving website building problems. Drupal can manage various content, blogs, images, videos, and others of larger websites. Here you will get 16000 modules and plugins. As an open-source community, it can bring constant traffic to your site.

Magento: Magento is another popular e-commerce website. This one provides a simple shopping cart and other valuable features. It is a free source version that can help you to build your e-commerce websites. From a technical point, Magento is similar to WordPress and Joomla. It can deliver SEO-friendly service with easy post publishing. With Magento, you can approach mobile commerce with multi-store management. It can help you with web design also.

JOOMLA: Joomla is another open-source project that launched in 2005. It comes as a junction with another CMS named Mambo. Joomla comes from Jumla, which means ‘altogether.’ A volunteer community runs it and becomes the second most famous platform after WordPress. Joomla can assist you if you want to build a personal blog or e-commerce store. With this excellent option, you will make a firm solution between the simplicity of WordPress and the rawness of Drupal.

Laravel: Laravel is an open-source web framework. It is a free application run by PHP. Here you will generally get back-end services like exports, user accounts, and order management. Within a lot of frameworks, Laravel is the best one. It is totally on the server-side and points out data manipulation and clings to a model-view-controller or MVC design. The 'model' represents the data of your application. The controller interacts with the model and modifies it with the requirements of users. Controller manipulates ‘view,’ a template for plugged and displayed by the model. Laravel operates this structure to power custom apps.

Codeigniter: Codeigniter is a PHP MVC framework. It is built for a web developer to make a full-featured web application. Here you can perform different options like uploading files, sending emails, managing sessions, etc. The first version of Codeigniter was released in 2006. You will get some incredible features like a small footprint, loosely coupled, blazing-fast, the MVC architecture, excellent documentation, extendable, specific built-in components, and a short learning curve if you work with Codeigniter. The entire framework is close to 2MB.

Node js: Node js is an open-source and server-side platform built on Google chrome’s Javascript engine. It was first developed in 2009. Some essential features make Node js the first choice of web developers, like asynchronous and event-driven, fast, highly scalable, no buffering, and MIT’s license. The latest version of Node js is v0.1036.

Vue js: Vue js is an open-source Javascript framework. It is used for user interface and single-page applications. Front-end developers commonly use this application for high decoupling. So many companies are using Vue js like Xiaomi, Gitlab, and Alibaba. You can enjoy some features with this application, such as data binding, directives, declarative rendering, computed properties, and reactive interfaces.

React js: React js is an open-source Javascript library for building user interfaces. It is used for single-page applications. For handling the web and mobile apps, you can use this application. Without reloading the page, you can change the data of large web applications by using React js. Here you will get some outstanding features such as simplicity, ease to learn, declarative, fast, extensive, component-based, supports server-side, and data binding. It is maintained by a community of individual developers and Facebook. Over 500 companies use React js.

Web Developer with E-commerce:

So many web developers make their careers with E-commerce websites. Online stores like Amazon display their virtual goods and export them to the customer. Setting up an e-commerce site is very important because a good website can engage customers. For a better experience, you have to create a mobile app for shopping from your e-commerce website. Web Developers may help you to keep options for various payment systems. Publish the review and ratings of your goods and services on social media that gives you more traffic.

With the development of e-commerce and devices, the demand for web developers in Bangladesh is increasing so fast. The young generation made their career as web developers in recent years, earning smart remuneration here. It has become a popular profession for freelancers also. Within the last ten years, web development has become a famous profession on the choice list of Bangladesh. Be a part of the web developer community by obtaining the above knowledge and enjoy your career.