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School Ghor

Website & Mobile AppsOnline Study Website

This is multiple question based website who are preparing themselves for BCS, Non Govt., Bank and Primary School Teacher job Examination. Our Questions moderator are highly qualified and they are working as a BCS cadre and medical professionals. Our goal is to help people who wants to help themselves to reach their desirable position in future.

One2one Match

WebsiteOne 2 One Match

One 2 One The No.1 Site for Matrimony, Matrimonial, one two one and Marriage



Accountants won′t take away from your profit anymore, User-friendly and easily affordable software helps manage your finances comfortably.

Freight Logistics Software

SoftwareFreight Logistics Software

Export / Import software make Quotation, booking shipping order, warehouse, loading plan, stuffing, shipment advice, hbl, invoice, IGM submission, money receipt, debit note, credit note, costsheet.

Freight Software in bangladesh

SoftwareFreight Export/Import Software

SEA/AIR (FCL/LCL) Software

Binary mlm software in bangladesh

SoftwareBinary MLM Software

Online and web based application, Down-line Report, Left Right Member List, Genealogy Tree (Binary Tree, Referral Tree)

Online News Portal in bangladesh

News PortalOnline News Portal in bangladesh

Online news portal website, create category, news post, unlimited

e-commerce website developer in bangladesh

E-commerce WebsiteOnline base e-commerce website

online e-commerce website, unlimited user account create, unlimited add to cart product, unlimited product order, unlimited product upload.